I will no longer be posting here…

The blog has been quiet, and will be forever more.  If you are interested in some things I will be sharing in the next year, please go to stempaulp.wordpress.com.

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Star Wars Posters #mtbos #msmathchat

Instead of writing a syllabus or creating assessments or working on lessons plans, I have procrastinated and scoured some images from the web to make these.

I have uploaded .png’s of these into this folder for downloading.  The 8 math practices and SBG files were made to blow up to 18×24 (although the 8 math icons will be a little pixelated.) The Force and Darkside posters are pixelated when blown up that large, but will still look good!

8 math practices-sm Growth_Mindset_Poster darkside sbg-small

SBG Poster-plain-sm

Extra Credit

Credit or credit not As the end of each grading period nears, students begin to say, “Mr.P., what can I do to raise my grade?  Can I do extra credit?” I always say no, but they still ask. This year with Standards Based Grading, I will be ready with the right answer.  “What skills haven’t you mastered, and what can we do for you to understand it?” I can then point them to The Wall of Remediation, and tell them to a take a worksheet, look at their notes, look online, and see what they can do. Then let’s have a conversation about what you understand and what you don’t, and let’s learn this together.

Researching SBG

As I finished up my first year of teaching middle school math, I found myself being frustrated as to how the traditional grading system did not measure what students learned, but what they accomplished on a given day. Having grades on participation or homework or behavior I felt took away from having the students actually learn and master a topic or standard. Close to the end of the year, I found Standards Based Grading, and I was hooked.

Virtually every teacher blog that I have visited simply says, “I can’t explain SBG as well as this guy, so go here and read this.” I encourage you to do the same!


As I share my journey, I want to make public my Evernote notebook for you to follow, this will give you access to the things that are entering my brain, and hopefully will come out with a product worthy of using for this year.