Star Wars – 8 Jedi Math Practices #MTBoS #msmathchat

I am blown away by the response to my Jedi posters, and am grateful that people are asking for the files and have already put them up in their classrooms! A special shoutout goes to @JustinAion and @jrobbins00 for being major “sneezers” to make this possible!


Taking this to the next step, I created slides that can be printed on 11×17 inch paper so I could post them around the room.  I also included the technical wording of the mathematical practices on the slide so I could say, “Let’s persevere in solving these problems, work past the point you want to give up!” Or “Give me a viable argument, tell me how you did this.”  Hopefully this could provide a bridge to other classes as they move on.

Here is the link to download the slides, both in 11×17, and a smaller format to use on a presentation. I have also included a blank slide if you need it.

SW-8MPsm   SW-MP1smSW-MP2smSW-MP3sm

SW-MP4smSW-MP5sm  SW-MP6smSW-MP7sm




  1. Hey, I love this stuff. Don’t want to be a downer but there is an error in standard 8 and some the links don’t work.


  2. Paul, thanks again for sharing. I have retweeted about these posters and so many people are benefiting from your work 🙂

    Over the last few years I have begun working with SBG in my classroom within my Alberta/Canadian context. As I worked with kids they wanted to translate their 4 or 3 or 2 into a percent. Despite my attempts to explain that the numbers weren’t transferable to percents they ended up being a distraction to the learning. In the end I got rid of the numbers and moved to letters A, B, C and NY (not yet) and hoped they would work better. It did seem to improve the focus on learning.

    I would love to use your SBG poster but without the numbers, no letters either. Is there any way to change these posters easily to include the descriptors without the numbers? When I ask, that means is there a way for me to do this easily? Or could you do it easily and add this poster to Google Drive? Maybe, instead of A, B, C and NY I could change my SBG to Jedi Master, Jedi Knight, Padawan and Youngling 🙂

    Thanks for your consideration.


    1. That’s an easy change on the file! You can download it from here:

      Just pick the one that says: SBG Poster-plain.png.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with SBG. I know there are limitations of applying SBG into a grade based school like mine. There is the possibility that our district will move to SBG, but that will be a bit down the road I am sure.

      If you can, will you share some thoughts about how SBG has gone, minus the grades? Do you find that kids like learning specific skills? Any other implementation advice you can give? I appreciate it!


      1. You are a rock star! Thanks so much. I will print it tomorrow to get ready for my first week of school after Labour Day.

        I am the only one using SBG in my school and have done so for the past two years. Each year I become more comfortable but really want others to begin doing the same. I think assessment based on outcomes (standards) are far more effective than a percent, for example, that blends a whole bunch of skills and knowledge into one number.

        I have a blog but haven’t blogged for two years. Think I will try to get back blogging to share my thoughts and learning this year.

        Thanks again for your work and I look forward to learning along with you 🙂


  3. Great images! I wanted to download them, but, like someone else noted, when you click on some to go to the full size image, some are linked to the wrong practice. 3 is not linked at all. Thanks for sharing


  4. LOVE these! This is going to be a huge hit with 3rd-5th graders I work with!

    I’m not trusting my Star Wars brain to get the plot points for each practice right. Did I miss a post that includes what part of the movies is described in each? I don’t want to misinterpret your awesome work! I think I know #1, 5, 7 and 8. What’s being depicted by the cartoons in the others?


    1. Thanks so much! Whatever interpretation you have will be correct. It’s the great truth in teaching, “if you don’t know it, act like you do and your students will believe it!”


  5. Mr. P. Then you have permission to use the images from Lucas/Disney? If so can we get a copy of that permission Email or Letter?


    1. Hey Mr P it’s Nov 1st and I have not heard from you about this Question – Then you have permission to use the images from Lucas/Disney? If so can we get a copy of that permission Email or Letter?


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