Star Wars Posters #mtbos #msmathchat

Instead of writing a syllabus or creating assessments or working on lessons plans, I have procrastinated and scoured some images from the web to make these.

I have uploaded .png’s of these into this folder for downloading.  The 8 math practices and SBG files were made to blow up to 18×24 (although the 8 math icons will be a little pixelated.) The Force and Darkside posters are pixelated when blown up that large, but will still look good!

8 math practices-sm Growth_Mindset_Poster darkside sbg-small

SBG Poster-plain-sm



  1. Love these! If you do not mind I am going to use them in my room as well – been looking for some good growth mindset posters and these are best I have seen.

    Any chance of you adding the growth and fixed mindset to your drive folder? Only SBG and Math practices are currently in there.


  2. You are my Star Wars Hero of the Week! What program did you use to create these, and would you be willing to post the original files? I am thinking of the discussion around MathPrac #4 and rephrasing that for Algebra 2 level.

    Thank you so much for posting these! I love them and will be using them.


    1. Welcome you are! I created them using photoshop. Let me know if you are able to edit .psd files, if not give me a little more specific idea of what you need and I can try to help you out!


      1. Follow and DM me on twitter and I will shoot you the link. Anything you create, I’d love for you to send me and share with the #MTBoS as well!


  3. Paul, Sorry got super busy and didn’t check back until today. Thank you again for these. I will work a little bit this weekend on the tweak for Alg 2 and shoot you back what I did. Thank you again for your sharing of these awesome pieces!


  4. We’re planning on having some printed for our schools and we want to attribute the design to you, but I couldn’t find your full name on your site. If you don’t want to share it, I understand, but if you’re willing, please let me know and I’ll include it. Our Superintendent LOVED these when he saw them and is all about Growth Mindset! Incredibly creative – thank you for sharing!


  5. Absolutely love these! Awesome!

    I especially love the 1-4 levels – I have my students self-assess with levels of understanding. Perfect!


  6. Ha! These were shown, among other teachers’ ways of displaying growth mindset, in a PD presentation yesterday at my district. Found this post with a quick Google search, and today I have posters in my room! Thank you so very much for creating AND sharing!!!


  7. I found these posters hanging in another high school in town and had to go track them down. I love the math one but would love to be able to convert it to science. You wouldn’t happen to have a .psd file I could use, would you?


  8. Hi! I Love the posters and would like to use them in my classroom if that’s ok? Would it be ok if I translate them into Swedish? I saw that you shared the psd-files here in the comments.


    1. Absolutely you can translate them and use them! How cool is that! If you can post a link on twitter with hashtag #mtbos with your swedish posters that would be even better. Thanks for asking!


  9. So I decided to delve into Standards Based Grading this year and then I stumbled upon your amazing posters! I LOVE THEM! I’m a Star Wars fanatic and a MS Math teacher, so I know what my theme for this year will be! THANKS SO SO MUCH for sharing them with the world! Very creative and a great metaphor!


  10. Thank you for sharing these! My STEM students will love it. I plan to use the individual slides you created to go over each topic with my students at the beginning of the year.


  11. May I make a copy of these as a handout for my 9th graders? If so, do you have a PDF or other word file of the text for the fixed mindset/dark side poster? I don’t think that the white on black will be easy to read if I photocopy it.


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