WANTED: Teachers for 7th grade math online PLC #msmathchat #July2014Challenge #mtbos

WANTED:  Average height American White 3rd Career 2nd Year 7th Grade Basic Math Teacher seeks 3-4 teachers to join forces to create an online PLC that conquers that challenge of training homone-laden boys and girls that are trying to attain adulthood while still acting like children to see the beauty of math in our everyday world.

Teachers desiring to be in this PLC….

  • Must have a passion for students to succeed and for math to matter to people around us. If you really don’t like students, math, or teaching, you will bring me down, and I don’t have the capacity to support you right now. Maybe in the future I can, but I am still trying to get a handle on this myself and I need people who are enthusiastic and encouraging about teaching math to push me forward. 
  • Must be willing to share lesson plans, formative assessments, summative assessment, resources, worksheets, exit tickets, wacky ideas, grand failures, virtual high-fives and fistbumps, and anything else that can make my life easier as a math teacher and richer by way of sharing the successes and struggles of other professionals.
  • Must be working with some variation of the CCSS. (I am on the Florida Standards which are almost exactly the same, word for word, as the CCSS)
  • Must not be in a 1 to 1 classroom. (No offense to those that are 1:1, and I am sure you would make this online PLC fantabulastic, but my coveting of your situation would cause me consternation. I have four computers in my room and no BYOD, so I will be limited in the technology that students use this year.)
  • Must be teaching 7th Grade math that is the class before Pre-Algebra. 6th grade math teachers could be considered for this as well, but I am not sure how the standards will cross. I may or may not be teaching 8th grade Pre-Algebra, but my curriculum will focus on the 7th grade standards. 
  • Must not be one who merely complains and grumbles, but is able to move on and find solutions. I get it, teaching is tough, people we work with can be difficult, insurance is expensive, politicians mess everything up, students hate us. We can commiserate in a virtual pity party for about 5 minutes, but then we need to move on and figure out what in the world we are going to teach tomorrow. 
  • Does not have to use Standards Based Grading, but if you do, that would rock! I have drunk the SBG kool-aid, (berry flavored!) and will be using some form of it this year. 
  • Must be willing to post some of our resources, thoughts, conversations, plans, etc. online for the world to seeI know there will be thousands of math teachers just like us who are up late one night figuring out what in the world they are going to teach tomorrow, and I think it would be amazing to have a resource where someone is really struggling can find immediate help. We can decide what we put online, as not all of it would be ready for prime-time. 
  • Must be able to meet in an online google hangout/or something like that at least once a week. I am hoping that it will be an hour one night a week, but because I have never done this before so we may need more time, or even less time.
  • Must be willing to put up with random quotes from movies, typically 80’s or 90’s. I should be able to say something like, “Slider, (sniff, sniff) you stink.”  And you not take offense to it. 
  • Must not be envious of the fact that I live in a sunny climate with palm trees. I have lived in the north and I feel your pain, but if you have 36 inches of snow on the ground and post a picture of it, I will post a pic of my pool and palm trees in my backyard inviting you over for a drink with a tiny umbrella in it.  

Applicants can be:

  • Local in the states, or teach internationally, but must adhere to the CCSS
  • Male, Female, or other, of any race, color or creed. I am an equal-opportunity PLC creator.
  • Teaching for between zero and 50 years.
  • A blogger or twitterer of any capacity.
  • Willing to use 3 Act Math Tasks, Estimation180, and any of the other cool online tools.

About me:

  • I am married to an amazing woman, going on 15 years now, and have a middle school age son who seems to be smarter at math than I am.
  • My prior careers were Video Production, and a Pastor of a Christian church.
  • I have a  B.S. Video Production, and a Masters of Divinity (Bible and theology type of stuff.)
  • I recently completed an online program to be certified to teach in the state of Florida, and have received my professional certification.
  • I was the Computer tech at my school for a year, the AVID coordinator one year, and taught 7th/8th grade Math this past year.
  • My curriculum is from the Go Math series, but will be pulling from different resources.
  • I am a procrastinator, and may be frustrating to work with from time to time, but hopefully this can help keep me on track!
  • I am sure there are other grave shortcomings that could derail this experiment but none are coming to mind right now.

How this will work:

  • Honestly, I have no clue. I have not done this before, and may find that after a month it is way too much work and will go back to picking and pulling things from the #mtbos. But, I hope that we can form some sort of community of like-minded teachers who can do more together than apart.

How to apply:

Shoot me an email with something witty and funny about yourself and why you would want to be a part of something like this.  I am honestly making this up as I type this post and I have no idea if anyone will apply. So that may be the extent of the application!





  1. HI Paul! I don’t know that I can commit to what you are asking for here but I would be happy to collaborate anytime that you want. I teach 7th grade math in Kentucky where we just finished up year 3 of CCCS. I am excited to follow your blog this year!


    1. Thanks Brooke! I have no idea how much correspondence we will be having in the PLC, but I will definitely be updating this blog, and a new one with the material we come across/invent. Already have one who is committed to be a part. If you are interested a bit more, feel free to drop me an email!


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